1. Brand New Dormitory 全新宿舍

2. 4 beds in one room 四人房

3. Closet 衣櫥

4. Studying area in the room  房間內書桌椅

5. Public Restroom 公共衛浴

Living Costs

Depending on the housing category you choose and your lifestyle, living expenses may range from as low as US $347 per month to as high as US $715/month.

Below is a breakdown of the estimated living expenses for an international student  in Manila:

 Housing Accommodation (depending on category)           US $ 132 - 500/month
 Food                            110/month 
 Books                             30/month
 Transportation                             15/month 
 Entertainment                                                30/month
 Miscellaneous                                               30/month
                                                              TOTAL       US $ 347 - 715/month


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